It is fraudulence… News18 TN lodged complaint against Maridhas


Since a week, a youtuber spreading hatred and provoking religious thoughts through social media claimed that, 70% of news18 employees are working in favour of a political party. And he urged the people to send a complaint mail to news18 group against news18 Tamilnadu employees including someof the editors like Gunasekaran, Senthil and etc.

Actually media houses ignored his allegations.But, he showed a false mail and said that news18 have initiated action against them. immediately this claim was denied by the editor of

Now News18 tamilnadu have registered a complaint against Maridhas in chennai commisioner office.

The Detailed Complaint is:

We submit that our channel has equal regard for all religions. We do not discriminate on the basis of religion or run any ‘anti-Hindu’ or ‘anti-religion’ campaign, as alleged. We are fully committed to the principles enshrined in the Constitution of India and diligently follow the law of the land. We are proud Indians with unquestionable patriotism and the only interest we seek to serve is that of India as a great Constitutional democracy. The allegations made by Mr. Maridhas are completely false and mischievous.

It is clear that Mr. Maridhas has done the above acts and published his aforesaid YouTube and Facebook video:
(i)​deliberately and with malicious intention of outraging and provoking the religious feelings of Hindus in Tamil Nadu;
(ii)​to promote false allegations, rumour and alarming news with intent to create and promote hatred and ill-will between different religious groups and communities;
(iii)​with intent to incite (and knowing that his acts are likely to incite) followers of Hindu religion to commit offences against our editors and reporters as well as against non-Hindus; and
(iv)​with intent to provoke people to break public peace and commit other offences in the State of Tamil Nadu

FIR against Maridhas for criticising Tablighi Jamaat for ...

In addition to the above, Mr Maridhas has also made and published false imputation concerning our channel and its editor and reporters, etc intending to harm their reputation and has, thereby, defamed all of them.

On 10.07.2020, Mr. Maridhas posted a tweet on his twitter handle @MaridhasAnswers, wherein he claimed that the management of our company has accepted the allegations made by him, and that a preliminary inquiry has found that the allegations are correct. Work is supposedly underway on the next step in investigation. He also stated that he will release another video today.

The link of the said tweet is We submit that the claims made by him in his tweet are completely false and fabricated. A snapshot of the abovementioned tweet is enclosed herewith as Annexure C. Thereafter, on the same day Mr. Maridhas posted another video on his YouTube channel, wherein he published copy of an email dated 09.07.2020, allegedly sent to him by our company, acknowledging and accepting the allegations levelled by him in his earlier YouTube video.

நடுநிலை இந்துக்கள் தான் ...
Maridhas video

To give a genuine appearance to the said email dated 09.07.2020, fake email IDs bearing names of our employees were used. We submit that no such email was sent by us to Mr. Maridhas. It seems Mr. Maridhas has fabricated a false email to further perpetuate his aforesaid offences. Link of his YouTube video dated 10.07.2020 (which has been viewed more than 1,30,000 times till date) is

We apprehend that the aforesaid illegal and inciting acts of Mr. Maridhas will also lead to further communal tension amongst the peoples and may result in communal disturbance / violence and also a law and order situation around our offices and studios within your jurisdiction.

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